A naturally beautiful product that can be planed, molded and sculpted to create the core of your window frame. We use premium grade A, hard and soft FSC certified timber, which through the drying and production process minimises any warping and twisting, providing the perfect seal for your house from the world outside. With regular up keep our timber windows have the ability to last a lifetime, providing your windows with the finest foundation.


All of our windows use A- rated, argon filled double glazed panels, acoustic glass is also available if desired. The range of our glazing options allow you the ability to reduce your energy bills, whilst maintaining an elegant and beautiful presence. Glazing bars, are also available, as required.

Our glazing range.

  • Our standard, glazing range allows for a 4mm outer pane, a 8mm argon filled spacer and a 4mm inner pane.
  • In addition, we offer an acoustic glazing range, which comprises of an 6.8mm laminated outer pane, a 8mm argon filled spacer and a 4mm inner pane. This product combines 2 sheets of clear glass bonded together with a totally transparent interlayer which absorbs sounds and reduces the level transmitted through the glass helping to keep noises in or out.
  • In addition we offer Pilkington K glass if you are trying to achieve a particularly high U-Value.
  • Toughened or laminated units are available on request.
  • Obscured, patterned or textured glass

For any additional glazing options please enquire with a member of staff who will be happy to help.
We incorporate a white spacer between all glazing panels to help blend in with the window and achieve a more elegant look


Our products come factory sprayed utilizing a market leader, Teknos micro-porous paint, providing the finest quality, optimum durability, low maintenance finish; This enable us to offer a 10 year guarantee on our painted products. Using a combination of primer, topcoat and end grain sealer we can ensure our windows resist premature weathering and provides the best possible barrier between your timber windows and the elements. Whilst the majority of our windows are finished in white, a color-match service is available and we can match most Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Crown or RAL colors.


It’s an exciting time for you to receive your finished product, and we want to make the experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Depending on the location and size of your window frames, up to three windows can be fitted each day.
Cleanliness is as important to us as it us to you. Dust sheets and carpet protector will be laid in all work areas, new plaster and cement will be applied as required, and pre-painted architrave will be pre cut to suit your individual requirements. (Please note that we offer a choice of Ogee and Torres architrave to match any existing architrave you may already have.) Old windows will be removed and followed by a final clean up before we leave. Once fitting is complete we will register the installation and FENSA who will send you completion certificates and guarantees, its important to keep these as they may be requested if you are looking to resell your property in the future.