Keen to install sash windows at your property? Perhaps you need to replace the sash windows in place already, or you want sash windows to be a defining feature of your new build property?

Sash windows are enduringly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. They give symmetry and proportion to a building while allowing plenty of natural light to flood in. If properly made and crafted, you can’t go wrong with sash windows.

From designing the timber frame to fitting the window and applying the finishing touches, the team at Chapel Lane Sash Windows can meet all your window design needs.

Chapel Lane Sash Windows offer a bespoke sash window fitting service. We’ll make your windows to the exact specifications and then fit properly. We can fit up to five windows a day.

Designed to be efficient, durable, secure and visually-appealing, our sash windows can’t be beaten in terms of quality and value. Choose Chapel Lane Sash Windows for craftsmanship and quality of service. 

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